With the mass disruption and chaos caused by Covid-19 very much on our doorstep, many schools and businesses are entering unchartered territory with their workforce switching to remote working.

Remote working can be a very successful, but it requires discipline on the part of the employee and, the right support structure from the employer. One of the key aspects of making remote working successful is by ensuring that people are aware of their Digital Wellbeing and ensuring that they follow good technology habits on a daily basis. Here are some simple tips on how to do so:

Tips on how an employee can ensure productivity whilst working remotely:

  • Ensure your workspace is free from technological distractions. Eg, no working in front of the TV.
  • Work in ‘Mobile Free’ time blocks. Eg, work for a 45min time block, then take a 15min break.
  • Don’t log into your social media accounts on your laptop. 
  • Mute your instant messaging apps unless they are essential for work. In that case, checking periodically is fine.

Tips on how a company can support their employees whilst working remotely:

  • Keep the communication lines open – regular check ins and updates are key.
  • Move the emphasis from the necessity for the employee to be constantly online and encourage offline brainstorming as well. The will prove fruitful.
  • Be creative with how you keep the team engaged. Set weekly / biweekly competitions, not only to help the team drive towards their KPIs but also ensure the fun and team culture is being replicated as it would be in the school or office.

The next number of months will be a major challenge for schools and businesses, but they need to ensure they have the right framework in place to maintain business as usual as much as possible.

We are fortunate to have extensive experience working with individuals, teams and organisations in supporting them to overcome the challenges of remote working. If you think we can help you, please don’t hesitate in contacting us on: info@digitalwellbeing.ie

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