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taking back control

We are living in an always on culture, whereby our lives are dictated by notifications and our consumption of information is greater now than in any previous period in history.

It is now fundamental that we develop a healthy relationship with technology, so that it actually improves our lives rather than dictates it.


At Digital Wellbeing, we believe there are better ways to spend your time. We have been in your shoes, we have spent hours upon hours scrolling news feeds, and comparing our lives to others.

We want to help you develop a mindful and healthy relationship with technology, one that supports your goals and helps you live a happier life. By being in control of technology, we are able to use it to its full potential and gain all the benefits of it.


Through a series of 1:1 consultations and action planning, our team helps you to gain perspective by analysing your current lifestyle and habits, and sets you on the path to re-emerge with new found control, balance and connection.

We understand that we all lead hectic lives so we adapt a flexible approach to meet your needs, and offer our services online to fit into your schedule.

Why you need to see change


Increased Productivity

In today’s world, technology plays a huge part in our lives. We use it to look up information, give us directions, and most importantly to connect with other people. But lately, we have been using technology so much that it hinders our interactions with the people and the world around us. Very few people ever put their phones down long enough to simply stop and smell the roses.

Improved Sleep Quality

Let’s face it –electronics are a part of life in the 21st century. Pros and cons to our increasing connectivity certainly exist; we are able to stay engaged with the world from the privacy of our own homes late into the evening. However, in doing so we are exposed to the light that our devices emit; and both mental activity and light exposure promote wakefulness.

Optimised Technology Usage

Science has shown that taking regular breaks from technology will help to maintain your focus and productivity. Even if you feel like you’re too busy, working non-stop will lead you to get bored and distracted.

Decreased Anxiety

Studies, news articles, and cultural rumblings tell us that technology is making us more anxious. A new study of over 1 million American high school students found that teens who spend more time on screens and less time on non-screen activities like face-to-face socializing, exercise, or homework were psychologically worse off. What’s more, the study found that when kids reported a shift to more screen-based activities, a decline in happiness followed, implying a cause-and-effect relationship.

Better Social Interaction

In the sense that you gain more friends by getting to know others in person and your relationships become more personal. That means knowing if your friend is really laughing out loud and seeing their actual facial expressions in response — not their emoji faces.

You have succeeded when all you really want is only what you really need.

- Ellie Lindström

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