Transformational Educational Experiences

Services Overview

Technology Dependency Diagnostics

Our diagnostics are designed to obtain a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s current lifestyle, tech dependency rating and usage habits.

The diagnostics can be used in an individual or team setting. They result in enhanced awareness, the setting of K.B.I’s and, are most effective when incorporated with additional services provided by

Thriving in the Age of Digital Distraction Workshops

Highly engaging, interactive and impactful 60 minute  workshop focusing on the concept of ‘Digital Wellbeing’ as a core component of sustained high performance and enhanced health and wellbeing. The workshop has been carefully designed with research based, thought provoking content covering 3 key areas:

  • Defining Digital Wellbeing
  • The Importance of Digital Wellbeing
  • Building Digital Boundaries

Managing Digital Distraction Masterclass Series

Highly engaging masterclass series that combines the science of wellbeing, the pillars of high performance and the reality of now. The series incorporates the diagnostic service as well as thought provoking and action oriented 60minute workshops covering 3 key aspects:

  • Workshop #1: Awareness
  • Workshop #2: Action
  • Workshop #3: Sustainability

Key Workshop and Programme Benefits

Increased Productivity and Self-Regulation

Decreased Exposure to Unhealthy Lifestyle Comparisons

Optimized Time Online

Better Remote Working Habits

Enhanced Overall Holistic Wellbeing

Improved Individual and Team Performance