We Are Digital Wellbeing.

‘Using real-time insights and data to help people, teams and organisations to embrace digital culture, build long term habits, and use technology to deliver long term sustainable and measurable results’

Who we are.

Founded in Ireland in 2019, our team is comprised of a blend of multi-lingual individuals with extensive experience across the Training and Development, Business, and Technology industries. Our team qualifications range from PhDs in Operations Management to Bachelors of Science degrees in International Business, along with certifications from some of the world’s leading educational institutions such as Harvard Business School and IE Business School.

Decreased Anxiety

Over dependency on technology leads to elevated levels of anxiety. By obtaining control over digital habits, less time is spent subconsciously comparing lifestyles, resulting in a sharp decrease in anxiety.

Increased Productivity

It can take up to 25mins to regain deep focus after being distracted. By limiting digital distraction, productivity increases significantly, overall quality of output is improved and performance is maximised.

Optimised Tech Usage

Technology is amazing and should be used to enable the achievement of goals, rather than posing as a distraction. By setting parameters and maintaining focus on the specific requirement for technology, it can be used to its full benefit.

Improved Sleep Quality

Sleep is the cornerstone of performance. The adoption of proper digital habits results in the increased quality of REM sleep which leads to improved alertness during the day.

How we work.



Using multiple data points, we assess current lifestyle and environment to calculate technology dependency levels. Extensive assessment facilitates accurate insight and allows for a customised approach to long term habit formation.



Awareness of technology dependency is a crucial step in obtaining control of digital habits.  Our customised approach delivers comprehensive awareness of digital habits and indicates what actions are required for improvement.



Adherence to our ‘Strategically Planned Actions’ framework leads to rapid improvement in technology dependency, resulting in a range of benefits and the expedition of overall performance.